Dalyce Brandt drawing graphics

Facilitated Workshops

Facilitated workshops integrate leadership, group coaching skills, tools and toys with the graphic facilitation. The workshops are engaging, fun and very productive. Participants really love the coaching tools and toys that stimulate ideas, open dialogue, and broader thinking. Participants say the colourful graphics provide clarity of purpose, direction, insights and solutions.

Studio Visuals

Studio visuals are commissioned by clients wishing to visually depict their organizational plan, services or systems. Detailed storyboards or infographics are produced in the Sharp Image Consulting studio. A studio visual can also completed for clients choosing to have a graphic summarizing the outcomes of a facilitated workshop. Digital studio visuals can be easily reproduced onto various paper sizes for staff to be posted on a website, added to reports, or displayed in the office / business entrance.

What is so great about using visuals in facilitation?

The reasons are many…

  • Our brains understand better in pictures than words
  • Visuals use both the left and right side of the brain for more effective outcomes
  • Visuals help groups see how the ideas are evolving, recognize how they feel about the issues, and develop a shared understanding of the issues
  • Visuals illuminate a path where otherwise it isn’t always obvious
  • Visuals connect and engage participants
  • Visuals tell a story
  • Visuals add an element of fun into a workshop
  • Visuals are a powerful tool to help people feel heard
  • Visuals always help produce outcomes that people can relate to, embrace, and support

Each workshop is unique and designed to suit the needs of your organization.

Prices for studio visuals vary with the detail and complexity required. Dalyce will be happy to provide you with a proposal.