Women in Biz Mastermind – Confidentiality Agreement

As a women in business, you are invited to participate in a bi-weekly mastermind group. Mastermind groups provide a forum for business owners to meet informally with peers to discuss business issues, problems and success in a supportive and confidential setting. For the Mastermind Group to be most effective, confidentiality is paramount for open and honest sharing that may include restricted, revealing or privileged information. Our highest priorities in this peer group authenticity, compassion and confidentiality.

In order to create an atmosphere of authenticity, compassion and confidentiality, we all agree to:

  • Protect the confidentiality of the group and not share information about any specific scenarios discussed by other group members outside the group. Finding solutions through problem solving, brainstorming, innovative thinking and experiences is encouraged.
  • When discussing a specific scenario, we will only disclose the information necessary to address the issue and avoid sharing names of individuals.
  • The issue of confidentiality is a shared responsibility so each member of the group bears that responsibility. Therefore, each member agrees to be attentive to potential violations and to speak up for the good of the group when they have concerns.

Please indicate your acceptance of and compliance with this agreement by checking the box that you agree on the registration form.