Community Coaching

What is Community Coaching you might ask…simply stated, Community Coaching is a new and different approach of working with communities to stimulate sustainable community change. Community Coaching is:community

 Adaptive value-based process tailored to unique community contexts supports and builds on the best in the community leads to catalytic change

 Coaching is not facilitating, teaching, training or consulting, rather the core distinction about coaching is that coaches help unlock what is already present in people and communities and help them frame their own solutions. Change is a process that can be messy, daunting and difficult to sustain particularly with this rapidly changing environment, which is why Coaches focus on developing leadership capacity within the community to provide continued support, guidance and direction.

Download the Community Wellness test:   community-wellness-test

Community Development Consultation

With years of experience in Community Development, Recreation Administration, Non-profit Organization Consulting, Community Advocacy and First Nations, we are perfectly suited to work with small local governments, community organizations and First Nations to deliver the following services:crossword

  • interim community development and recreation management positions
  • project management
  • strategic planning
  • community engagement

Work specific to small business is focussed on:

  • strategic planning,
  • change management
  • leadership
  • communications
  • staff relations

Please contact us to discuss how best we can assist your organization and what type of service is best suited.