Welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out Sharp Image tree graphic 2 revisedConsulting, by Dalyce Brandt. Sharp Image Consulting was established as a business in 2004 and has been providing management & administrative consulting, strategic planning and community development services to communities, government and business.

With a background deeply rooted in leadership, recreation and personal mentor-coaching, our approach has always been that of collaboration, solution focussed and forward thinking. To help describe all that we do, listed below are four distinct services, although each does not exist in isolation of the other.

Operational and Project Management Consulting:

Short-term management contracts to assist a business, local & regional government or non-profit in project work, interim position replacement and organizational effectiveness learn more….

Community Coaching:

Community Coaching is a new and different approach of working with communities to stimulate sustainable community change. Community in this application refers to any organization or business working towards long-term change and prepared to invest in a process to reach their goals learn more…

Graphic Facilitation:graphic facilitation revised

Workshop style sessions that use the power of visuals to generate ideas, bring clarity to problems, create a strong vision or build a solid plan learn more….

Visual Coaching:

Group, team or individual executive coaching session using visuals that bring clarity to issues, breakthrough insights, and action steps forward learn more….

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